Animated Asian Leopard Cats

by Judy Sugden and Lisa Arvay

These animations/movies are the first online of the Asian Leopard Cat and are worthy of study. The first is an Asian Leopard Cat walking and the second is the voice of an Asian Leopard Cat.

ALC Walking

This Asian Leopard Cat (Prionaliurus Bengalensis) is an adult male weighing about 10 pounds. This is typical walking posture of an animal which knows humans are watching. Note the slow deliberate movement of the ALC (about right in real time when it gets up to speed). Note the slow motion of the loading images for foot placement, weight changes, etc.

ALC Voice

This is the first ALC known and documented to call (to our knowledge). Previous common thought was that the ALC spat, growled, etc. but never called. This young male Bengalensis chirps and yeowls. This 1.4 Mb QuickTime movie shows him yeowling. The audio is a little too high and tinny but you get the idea. You may need to download QuickTime if you do not see and hear the ALC.

ALC Voice

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