Wildcat HK Cattery Of China
Hong Kong

  We are the first and largest TICA registered cattery in Hong Kong. We breed exclusively the Bengal breed. We breed for gorgeous, happy, healthy Bengal kittens with brown, snow and silver colors, and spotted and marbled patterns. 
  Contact:C C James @ +852 61248970


SpringAngel Of China

  Chengdu, China  
  We are the only one TICA/TIBCS membership cattery in China.We only focus on BROWN ROSETTE BENGALS.We're the only one cattery supply DNA parentage / ISO microchip / TICA 5 generations pedigree.TOP quality bengal cats cattery in Asia. 
  Contact:Rein @ 86-15390078738




Affectionate purrsonalities.

  Eri Maki, 0898-41-6243 
  Contact:Maki @ 0898-41-6243



Nusantra Bengal Of Malaysia

  A TICA Outstanding cattery. Specializing in Real Leopard Pattern, glittered/pelted tri-color rosetted and white tummies. Top quality over quantity with top bloodlines. We aim for healthy kitten with superb temperaments. We ship our kittens worldwide to approved homes. 
  Contact:Nashary @ nash @ +6013 2803574

PO Box 780112, Wichita, Kansas 67278 USA

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