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   Angelastro, Peggy   STARANGEL BENGALS
   DeLuna, Tracy   Lunakatz Bengals
   Faram, Kelli   Cheetahsden Bengals
   Faulkner, Marla   Lone Star Bengals
   Kennedy, Christina   Bahiya Bengals
   Pennington, Mark   Mystre Bengals
   Price, Hugh   BENGALAND NORTH
   Ravi, Nashary   Nusantra Bengal
   Seling, Teresa   TRAIPSE BENGALS
   Sickinger, Janet   AJAYS Exotic Bengals
   Stacholy, Lisa   Ruby Claw Bengals

The TIBCS Breeder Directory contains a list of TIBCS Breeder Members who have requested that their cattery be included in the directory. It is not a listing of all TIBCS Breeder Members. For a complete listing of all Breeder Members, please send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to TIBCS Breeders List, PO Box 371101, Milwaukee, WI 53237.




   Alexandru, Isac   Bengalcat
   Angelastro, Peggy   STARANGEL BENGALS
   Armenti, Michael   Xanadu Dream Bengals
   Arnold, Patricia and Gary   MAJESTICHILLS
   Barrott, Jennifer   Barrotts Dream
   Becker, Janice   RAMATUT
   Bell, Pamela   Cattail Forest
   Bienvenu, Brad   Oceelot Bengal Cattery
   Born, David   Epsilon Bengal Cats
   Boyd, Melody   BoydsBengals
   Brutsche, Alice   Bengalica Bengals
   Buccelli, Debra   eastfordvalleys
   Carter, Alexandra   SilverBark Bengals
   Cecil, Lori   Fuzzy Love Bengals
   Cervantes Rodriguez, Israel   Wide Hollow Creek Bengals
   Chai, C C James   Wildcat HK Cattery
   Clevenger, vicki   vskbengals
   Colwell, Maria   Amarillofields
   Corns, Debbie and Rick   MAINSTREET
   crease, barry   BLUEZAPTO
   Creel, Sandra   NWBengalCats
   Cunha, Laura   FIRE AND ICE BENGALS
   de Jongh, Monique   GALENSIS
   Delaney, Cate   Cool Creek Bengals
   DeLuna, Tracy   Lunakatz Bengals
   Dickman, Nancy   Bella Bengals
   Dillon, Monique   LapLepard Bengals
   Doeppenschmidt, Larry   Acappella Bengals
   Dunlap, Evyenia   Allure Bengals
   Eckhardt, Denise   Simias
   Ehret, Boris   Spice Bengals
   Fancey, Marlout   Maplehill
   Faram, Kelli   Cheetahsden Bengals
   Faulkner, Marla   Lone Star Bengals
   Fernandes, Carlos   Bengal Server
   Fyfe, Jill   Glitterglam Bengals
   Gillespie, Kimberly   STONESRIVER
   Graf, Lori   ZawieCo Bengal Cats
   Harbert, Pat   OHMY
   Harrison, Peta   Wagati Bengals
   Hatcher, Suzanne   TIJAH
   Heil, Don and Margie   SNOPRIDE
   Hendricks, Jennifer   Columbia River Bengals
   Heslop, Rebecca   ZallyCatz Bengals
   Hurless, Rhonda   Perfect Kittens
   Hutton, Rhiannon   Palm Beach Bengals
   Hwang, Rein   SpringAngel
   Ivonne van Dreumel, Cattery Bengalivo   Bengalivo
   Jankowska, Malgorzata   Jansen Tigers
   Jobes, Carole   PurreciousKatz Bengals
   Jones, Tammie   SpottedOaks
   Kao, Anthony   Urban Exotic Bengals
   Keehma, Mary   Purrfectdreams
   Kelkat, Maki   KELKAT
   Kelly, Deborah   Leopardbabies
   Kennedy, Christina   Bahiya Bengals
   Kerr, Libbie   A-KERRS Bengal cats
   Killmaier, Pat   Aluren Bengals
   Kintzinger, Judy   BENGALBASKET Cattery of Madison
   Klinger, Anita   DAWNSTAR
   Konkova, Olga   Mascot
   Kotewicz, Tari   KotyKatz Bengals
   Kretchmer, Linda   BELGOBENGALS
   Laliberte, Melissa   Maracaja Bengals
   Larocque, Marie-Lisa   MarieBengal
   Larocque, Marie-Lisa   MarieBengal
   Lee, Michele   Purrbodies
   LeFevre, Kelly   ChicagoBengal
   Ljusberg, Ann-Catrin   Cattery Of Thar
   Lombardi, Chiara   Brownsugar
   Lower, Carrie   Granite Dragon
   Malone, Jennifer   Designer Spots Cattery
   Marchioni, Vittorio   SuryaBengal
   Martz, Tiffanie   14KaratBengal
   McNair-Ford, Henrietta   AdoreCats
   Meger, Jessika   WildroseBengals
   Merrill, Suzanne   Abundadots
   Mueller, Maria   Amnesia
   Mustapick, Glen   DESTINY BENGALS
   Myers, Vicki   Dreamcoats Bengals   
   Nelson, Sybil   Bansuli Bengals
   Njalsson, Olafur   NATTHAGA
   O'Connor, Jynohn   Norland Bengals    Http://
   Olveczki, Szidonia   Mealoha Bengals
   Pelton, Julie   Hot Spotz Bengals
   Pence, Judy   BENGALBEAUTY
   Pennington, Mark   Mystre Bengals
   Pfister, Heidy   of Golden Coast
   Pickett, Sharon   ABEO Bengals
   Price, Hugh   BENGALAND NORTH
   Prince, Nancy   PrinceRoyal Bengals
   Ramsay, Elaine and Clive   PoeticPaws
   Ravi, Nashary   Nusantra Bengal
   richards, keith   Wildforest Bengals
   richards, keith   Wildforest Bengals
   Robb, Stephanie   Vividcats Bengals
   Roberts, Sara   Underfootbengals
   Rodgers, Marlene   Dreamhaven Bengals
   salazar, Melissa   Heavenly Bengalz
   Sanford-Richard, Gail   ABSOLUTELY
   Sausman, Karen   KINGSMARK
   Schilke DVM, Betty   Spotsnglitz bengals
   Schneevoigt, Birgit   BROCKENMOOR
   schulte, carol   AsiaRoseXotics
   Scott, Dana   Anjali Bengals
   Seling, Teresa   TRAIPSE BENGALS
   Seserko, Marilyn   LawntonStMews
   Shaw, Kathy   Kamisha
   Sickinger, Janet   AJAYS Exotic Bengals
   Slauenwhite, Angela   Novacoast
   Smith, Elizabeth   SILVERSTORM Bengals
   Sparandara, Simona   Marmoll
   Spierling, Christine   RAZZELDOTS    WWW.RAZZELDOTS.COM
   Stacholy, Lisa   Ruby Claw Bengals
   Stewart, Amanda   FastPaws
   Tingler, Kevin   Pottsmtnbengals
   Treesinger, Jaen   RAINFOREST
   Trnka, Wayne   Dreamquest Bengals
   Vakeva, Marko   RoyalFinest
   Van Der Linden, Kathryn   BoutiqueCats Bengals
   Wade, Hildy   Kindredkatz Bengals
   Wagner, Sarah   AsianFire Bengals
   Wamper, Sabine   LEOPARDCATS
   Ward, Kathy and Paul   Leopardstrail
   Wilson, Renata   Artattack Bengals
   zimmermann, kristina   Mumindalens
   Zurlo, Sebastien   Lune de diamant

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