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Bengal Media Archives and its partner, TIBCS, is having a phoio contest and raffle! Get your pictures in now for free. And read all about it!

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For the first time in 25 years, TIBCS is making an issue of The Bengal Bulletin available to the online community for free!

Now you can read the magazineŚlearn about the breed, find out the lastest health issues, see pictures of award-winning cats, look for kittens from our reputable breeders, and so much more!

In this issue you'll see the winners of On Safari, the premier USA bengal cat show; a genetics article by Dr. Leslie Lyons, one of the leading cat geneticists in the world; winners of the Bengal Media Archives (BMA) contest that was co-sponsored by the BMA and TIBCS; columns by The Cat Coach on feline behavior and by our Bengal cat toy expert; and much more! It's 64 pages of the coolest cats in the world.

And if you'd like to subscribe to the .pdf version, you can do that too for only $15 per year (4 issues). See the simple two-step process at Subscribe Now.







Founded in 1988, TIBCS is the oldest and largest Bengal group of any kind in the world. We are a volunteer-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the Bengal Cat. We educate about the breed through our quarterly Bengal Bulletin, our email lists, brochures, and booklets. We raise money for Bengal cat rescue, health-related research, and informational programs promoting the legal status of Bengals throughout the world.

The breeders listed are members of TIBCS. All have signed TIBCS Code of Ethics that governs the kittens they sell and how they treat their customers. Come to them for the kitten of your dreams, whether it be leopard spotted, marble, rosetted, or glittered in brown, snow, or silver. Our breeders have beautiful kittens of all types for sale, emphasizing health, temperament, and wild type in their breeding programs.

We welcome all Bengal lovers. Our members include both pet owners and breeders. Shop at our store, become a volunteer, or join our raffles and other interesting projects.

TIBCS Membership Secretary - 5351 E. Thompson Rd, Box 179 - Indianapolis, IN 46237

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